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Picasso by JenniferV1311 Picasso :iconjenniferv1311:JenniferV1311 1 0 Writing Sample Disney Script by JenniferV1311 Writing Sample Disney Script :iconjenniferv1311:JenniferV1311 0 0
Camp Wallaboo
Camp Wallaboo is separated into six houses representing different elements (earth, water, fire, light, air, darkness). Each summer, the houses compete in a Wallaboo scavenger hunt where each house hides their element symbol somewhere on the campgrounds. This year, the houses are paired up to promote camp unity. Only adults would think all kids play nice.
Darkness and fire
Earth and air
Water and light
The best Seeker for team Water is Bryan. He’s sent to the Light house to introduce himself and get to know his new teammates. But when he arrives, he finds Duke, a hothead from team Fire. Fire lost to Light last year, and Duke lost a bet with the lead Light Seeker Caleb. So this year Duke is the housemaid. Duke hears the Light team returning and forces Bryan into a trunk. Caleb and his buddies have brought back a member of the Air team, a newbie to camp. Bryan watches them bully the newbie into telling them where his team’s symbols are. They leave and Du
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Guardian by JenniferV1311 Guardian :iconjenniferv1311:JenniferV1311 0 0
Invading aliens have attacked, taking the planet by surprise. Most people didn't even believe in aliens before this but the aliens knew about us. Their weapons arrived before they did, breaking the sky overhead with fire and noise. 30% of the world's population dead before the aliens even broke the atmosphere. There was no call for peace, no requests to see the world leaders. They landed, flowed from their metallic ships and began razing the planet.
The cities and factories fell first. From there they spread. By destroying supply lines back to their floating ships, our armies have held them at bay. But they keep advancing. We cannot destroy the alien station that circles our planet. We cannot stop the flow of resources, soldiers and weapons. We are running out of time.
You are Cipher. You have spent the last four years studying the aliens and their language, a living translator. Not only can you read their language without the aid of technology, you are able to communicate with them di
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The Rot
NYC TALOPE, 35, sits handcuffed to a chair in a dark room.
NYC (V.O.)
It's times like this when a man looks around and thinks to himself--
THUG 1 punches Nyc in the jaw.
NYC (V.O.)
--"How the hell did I get here?"
THUGS 1, 2 and 3 take turns beating Nyc.
You'd think I'd have a good reason. Drugs. Illegal tech. Something impressive. But ask any man who's been in a bind like this and he'll give you the same answer.
Thug 1 lifts a crowbar and hits Nyc in the gut.
NYC (V.O.)
It's all because of a pair of legs.
CAPTION: Four Hours Ago
Cyborg civilians and homeless Standards walk the city.
NYC (V.O.)
New End City, the first place to accept cybernetically enhanced citizens on the planet. It's not so unique anymore, not since Cyborgs won the Segregation War.
MAN buys fruit from NOLAN. Both have cyborg parts. Thug 1 bumps Man as he passes and is shoved away. Thug 1 leaves.
NYC (V.O.)
Now, the stupid who won't get
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Her gasps cut the silence. She's too loud.
Clammy hands fumble in the dark.
Around her neck, her face, until they finally find her
Quivering lips. If only she could
See. If only she could find
A way out, a haven.
She can't see her hands
Holding back the tears and failing.
She can't reach for a light. They'll see.
Her light is their light.
A whimper pushes through her fingers.
She bites her lips, crawls
Her way forward. Dead pine needles
Stab at her fingers, her legs, and,
Worse, scream her presence.
Three feet, five, eight, maybe they
Won't hear. Maybe they --
A twig snaps.
She sobs and pushes to her
Bare feet. Through the night air,
A moan grows.
Another joins, then another, a nightmare chorus.
Far away, something giggles.
A shadow shifts.
She darts away, her arms raised
To block the reaching branches
And the grasping claws. A sharp edge
Slices her cheek. Blood drops.
They can smell her now. More join
The chorus. They surround her,
Deafen her. She can't scream.
She trips. She falls.
:iconjenniferv1311:JenniferV1311 1 0
The Man in the Woods
    Marsha wasn't a bad person. She wasn't a saint, by any means, and anyone who claims to be one is a damn liar. But she had a good heart, always wanted to do the right thing. She didn't deserve what happened.
    She didn't deserve to die.
    We found her in the woods, me and José. The entire police department had been sent out after a neighbor realized Toni, the girl she was fostering, had been left home alone for days. Marsha's home sat at the edge of this thick wood. No one wanted to find her in there. Truth is no one wanted to go in there at all. Too many stories, too many nightmares, too many rumors and whispered secrets we adults would laugh off as fairy tales or superstitious nonsense.
    We found Marsha hanging in the trees. Someone had stuck her up there after removing her clothes, her eyes, her nose and her lips. They'd even beat her. Green and purple covered more of her skin than that death grey you usually see on a corpse. Found out later she didn't die from the hanging
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Spoon Bender ~ Womanthology
Page One
Panel One: Outside Alby's jewelry store, a cute little shop crowded between two taller, grey buildings. It's the bright spot on the street with large windows, bright window treatments, and a cute sign stretching above the roof. Two soldiers stand at attention on either side of the door. Their stiff uniforms are a stark contrast to the welcoming store.
      Toraco (off): You are the owner, correct? Alby Kirick?
Panel Two: Inside, the jewelry store is just as bright. Bits of jewelry made from spoons sit in glass cases and hang on the wall. There's plenty of space but it's a cozy store, just barely able to fit the three soldiers and Commander Toraco inside. Alby stands behind the jewelry cases and in front of a door marked STORAGE. Her arms are folded and she scowls at Toraco. The Commander looks stern, but not impatient, as she holds out a piece of paper with an official-looking stamp at the top.
      Alby: Yes, I'm t
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Cryo Death
    People say they dream when they're in cryosleep. That their thoughts go on to remember, to create, as though they'd fallen asleep. They're full of dumped bio. The brain has to be alive to think, to dream. Cryosleep stops everything, heart, lungs, brain. In any other circumstance, you're dead. No life support, no artificial anything, you're just dead. It's why ship engineers call the cryo pods "coffins". They don't tell the civvy passengers that nickname.
    When you're "awakened", the process has to be gradual. A gentle blend of artificial adrenaline, electricity and heat pulls the brain from its frozen state and allows it to reactivate the other parts of the body. There's some more external help, of course, but not much. The process lets the body slowly return to life, as though waking from a deep sleep. Maybe people dream during those final moments, just before their eyes open. That part doesn't really count as cryosleep, not to ship medic
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Driving Mad
    Katie slapped the Ford Ranger's dashboard. She let her head fall on the black steering wheel, her blonde curls brushing the old leather. Her body shook with silent, tearless sobs. She didn't have any tears left. She hit the dash again, and yanked the door open. Whatever the problem, it was fixable. She'd revived the 1986 pickup with her own hands. She could do it again, even in the middle of the night.
    The white truck's hood burst open, followed by a cloud of smoke. Katie held her dim flashlight over the engine, careful not to touch any heated parts. She checked the unreliable transmission first. Water level was still near the top, just where she'd filled it to last night. Oil was low but good.
    "God, no," Katie said.
    It was the timing belt. It was the three-inch wide, rubber composite strip that turned the crankshaft and camshaft, controlling the opening and closing of the engine valves. She
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Enhanced ~ Opening Scene
BB sits in the Colony's watchtower, fiddling with a makeshift pair of binoculars. He replaces a lens and applies one last strip of duct tape before peering through them.
The Everglades treeline stands about 200 yards from BB's position. The sun still can't break completely through the dense trees and brush.
Shifting shadows halt the binoculars. They dance around each other, too tall and too fast to be bears or alligators.
JOHN bursts from the treeline. He rushes toward the Colony, sweat pouring from his body. Five humans leap after him, their bodies covered in disfiguring scars, vulgar body art, and mud. They are LEGION.
(tosses aside his binoculars and cranks an old air raid siren)
Misshapen windows in the Colony slam shut. Colonists peer through the windows or between metal sheets, each face more dirty than the next. Children are yanked into buildings made of wood, mud, and metal sheets.
Double doors to the largest Colony buildi
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Fitting In
Seeking secure connection…
Setting required parameters…
Connection established…
Security clearance confirmed…
Earth year 1947
General Yexil
Military and Naval Commander
Conqueror of Six Races
Butcher of the Slave Rebellions
Chief of Naval Espionage Division
Initial intelligence reports were right. The humans look like us, move like us. Their societies are even progressing much the same way ours did, though obviously eons behind us. Integration of agents into the population has been achieved. Right now, two of our own are gaining footholds in what passes for politics here. Though my suggested strike team would generate the same results much more quickly, we should be achieving majority power holds within 25 of our life cycles.
We do, however, have a challenge. Though our physiology is similar, human eyes have yet to evolve to the heights ours have. Their eyes are blank and dull. We must take steps to blend more effectively with
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    She hated that clock. She hated everything about it. She hated the acorn-shaped weights hanging from the bottom of it. She hated the ornate carvings of leaves and birds surrounding the tiny face. But most of all, she hated its ticks.
    Fourteen years, eight months, nineteen days and seven hours ago, Carl bought the damned thing on their honeymoon. It had been ticking ever since. It ticked during every meal, every argument, every police visit.
    "Ma'am, did your husband give you that busted lip?"
    "No, officer. Don't be silly. Carl loves me. I just fell in the shower."
    One time she stopped the ticking. Her head was throbbing. Carl had left his rings on when he backhanded her for moving his favorite chair. She just wanted a moment of quiet. He put h
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    Rain hits the metal walkway with all the subtlety of a decomposer working its way through Death Row. Most Cys are inside, still holding to the paranoia that their parts will rust like that Tin Human from the Sapien era. Not me. I always walk in the rain, especially at night. It's when my eyes work best and my mind works better.
    Name's Nyc Talope, Private Eye. My upgrades are few but above most civvies. My ticker beats three times stronger than a Human Standard and can produce new blood twice as fast. I'm damn hard to kill. Standard eyes weren't good enough for a detective like me, not even with upgrades. I got the originals yanked out and replaced with top of the line optical display modules. They get replaced with new gear every six months. I can see through, around, over and under most anything. Night is brighter and more detailed than day. Digital readouts of other Cys pop up as I focus on them and I can even tell who's still Standard,
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The Interview
    The exterior of the building was incredible. Kyle had seen glass office buildings before, but nothing like this one. Something about the way sunlight hit the sky blue windows and silver trim made it look so clean, so new.
    He straightened his tie and pulled nervously at his jacket. Kyle hated suits. They never fit right, always hanging like rags off his thin frame. The sleeves were always too long, the pants always baggy. Still, they wouldn't have called him in of they weren't interested in his work, and black was his color.
    "Can I help you?" the security guard inside didn't look up from his paper.
    "Name's Kyle Hayes. I have a meeting with Lystra Jones on the thirteenth floor."
    The guard looked up. He locked eyes with Kyle, his sudden interest unnerving. He slowly folded his paper and leaned across the reception desk.
    "You should go home."
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This game is awesome.

No, really, it's fantastic. The characters are fun and complex. The plot is engaging and intense. The mechanics are (for the most part) tight and responsive. The multi-player is seamless and integrated. It's a great game.

The story is great. You're a hacker for hire out for the big score when your greedy, idiot partner dives too far for too long and gets caught. As a result, your niece is killed while on a car ride with you. The rest of the game, you're fighting your way to the people that did this to your family, wiping out anything in your path.

I wish there was more of a backstory on the main character, Aiden Pierce. Didn't really get to know his past or anything about him. He was apparently taught by his old partner Damien. He has a younger sister. Other than that, he's pretty blank. His growth is dependent on you finding all the goodies in the game, and it's minimal at best. Still, for a game with a linear storyline, they handled it really well.

The other characters are a blast. Clara is one of the best characters in a video game that I've seen since Mass Effect. T-Bone is funny, though one note. Damien is a slime from day one and they do a good job of making you dislike him. Lucky is terrifying. He's a terrifying, creepy old bastard, fantastic design choices, great writing and a good voice actor casting. Iraq was probably my least favorite. He felt like a cliché. You look at him and can interpret how he's going to react. His brother Bedbug is better but too minor to really make up for it. Nicky, the sister, is a bit of a whiner but she makes a great case as the "normal" person looking in to Aiden's world.

Only three major complaints:
1) Family Man
The relationship between Aiden and his family is weird. He and Nicky never felt brother/sister. It felt more like ex-girlfriend material for the most part. I kind of wish that had been the plot instead of this sister bit, but it is what it is. And his obsession over his niece and nephew really feels more like a father watching out for his kids. I wish it had been a broken home kind of thing, resulting from the little girl's death, instead of an uncle thing.

2) Uplay
My God, Uplay. It's a horrible platform. All you console people are lucky in this one regard. You don't have to deal with Uplay. It's just God awful. It's always crashing, resetting my settings, kicking my friends for no reason. I thought Origin was bad but this is a whole other level.

3) Investigation - QR Codes
Screw whoever came up with this side mission. I thought collecting all the Riddler question marks was difficult in Arkham City. Nono, that was just tedious. THIS? This is just throat slicing terrible. The correct camera is almost impossible to find. There are no hints, no obvious (or even subtle) paths. It took me ages just to figure out HOW to even complete the first Investigation, forget actually DOING it. If there were some sort of visual clue about the direction or location of the correct camera, it wouldn't be so bad. Instead, I spend 15 minutes at each damn location to find the right one to line up for the right shot. Seriously, whoever came up with this idea needs a demotion.

Rating: $60

Absolutely worth the full price. No buyer's remorse at all. I do have to admit it was a lot less difficult than I anticipated. Hacking is what will keep you alive and, once it's maxed out, everything becomes much easier in the campaign. Didn't take me long to power through Hard difficulty, though I'm still collecting the extra bits and side missions.

Oh, and the multiplayer bits are a blast, too. This coming from someone who hates multiplayer :P

GREAT game. Major props to all companies involved.
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Open for commissions or suggestions. Just as a comic book penciler shouldn't give away sketches for free, neither should a writer pen something for free. I'd love to collaborate with an artist trying to beef up their portfolio, but I won't write your kid brother a short story about his adventures as Wonder Buddy without compensation.

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